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Item 1. Camels (Mates Reboot E3 Part 10)pwpe03l10

Item 2. Moar Lundun (MR London E1 P5)part05Item 3. The namesake purple watch snapped. DW folks, it still works. I’ll wear it as a chain watch…

Item 4. Borders—Nice Clean Straight Borders make Life Easier—

(Language Warning: Bad words included)


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From The Vaults… Dagg Street, Episode 35 (2007)

Before continuing, some context: The current series I’m sharing with you (Mates Reboot) has a hidden side: the example below was a typical episode of Dagg Street; the last of a four-series project which spanned 2003-2008.


It used to read like any normal story: plot, narrative, characters, etc. But it got so drawn out [no pun intended] that when the plot turned sour (funerals, rifts, bad blood), the best option was to terminate the series.

I don’t know what my current series is about, but I could suggest:

1. It picks up some pieces of where Dagg Street left off — and does not put them together.

2. It picks up pieces and characters from the body of work that Dagg Street is part of.

3. Some of the characters in the current series have been around for longer than the previous body of work, while others came to light between the end of Dagg Street and the beginning of Mates Reboot.

4. Perhaps the characters in the current series are not just characters anymore — whatever that means.

5. Any other suggestion that I may add later. Watch this 5pace.

What does it all mean now? Can you guess? Feel free to leave comments.

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