Introducing purplewatchproject: A comics blog.

Introducing purplewatchproject: A comics blog.

For those doing #blogging101 and any others interested:

What am I about?

Comics, and anything else I find interesting that somehow ends up on the blog.

Why should you read the blog?
The above question is not a question. If it is it’s not asked in earnestness. Avoid it.

Why am I blogging and not keeping a journal?
I have stacks of filled journals that won’t be seen. For now I can at least scan my work and upload it.

What topics will I write about?
We’ll see.

Who would I love to connect with here?
Well I don’t know who else is here, so, whoever I happen to connect with will suffice.

If my blog is successful, what will I hope to have accomplished?
As if I know. Let’s have some fun and then look back.


One thought on “Introducing purplewatchproject: A comics blog.

  1. I suggest adding a lot more tags. What is this comic project and why are you doing it. Why do you keep a journal? I hope this helps but visuals help too but you dont’ have too and the course will teach us how to do that. Good luck my friend?


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